Patients Value Emotional Intelligence in Dentists

Maybe you don’t mind your diagnostic, ER doctor not sugar-coating things, like the ever-popular, fictional Dr. House. When it comes to dentists however, patients would rather have emotional intelligence, than a “high IQ,” according to one report.

Ideally, we’d all prefer a dentist who combines emotional intelligence, with high IQ. Monroe, WA dentist Dr. Crandall and his staff possess both the know-how and professionalism to perform high-quality dentistry, and the warm, kind personalities to deal with patients anxiety, and fear regarding dentistry.

The article exploring the correlation between emotional intelligence and dental patients clinic grades was published in the Journal of Dental Education. The report is appropriately titled, What Is the Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence and Dental Student Clinical Performance? In the study’s abstract, it explains the findings.

“In this sample, dental students’ EI competencies related to Self-Management were significant predictors of mean clinical grade assigned by preceptors.” the report reads. “Emotional intelligence may be an important predictor of clinical performance, which has important implications for students’ development during dental school.”

A large part of emotional intelligence, is being intuitive to other people’s needs and feelings. It makes sense that emotionally intelligent dentists would please patients more, considering people are pretty sensitive when it comes to their teeth. In Dr. Crandall’s long dental career, he has earned a reputation for being a kind, caring dentist. Plenty of patients agree, as evidenced by his testimonials page.

“I have always had excellent treatment by Dr. Crandall and his staff. That is why I have been going to them for 36 years. Everyone is personable and makes me feel very comfortable.” wrote user Don from Monroe.

An anonymous user weighed in on Dr. Crandall’s special way with frightened patients.

“I do not like going to the dentist AT ALL. Even when the dentist promises it will be pain free, I have never found that to be true. However, this experience truly was! Pain free, comfortable, and the support staff is very kind and considerate.”

Becoming a dentist is no easy feat. It takes a highly intelligent person to make it into the dentistry profession. But while even the most difficult subject matter can be absorbed with enough hard-work and dedication, emotional intelligence is more difficult to learn.

Dentist in Monroe, Washington Dr. Crandall and his staff, offer that special blend of smarts, and kindness. This enables patients to receive the best care, in the most comfortable environment possible. Call 360-794-8292 today to schedule your personal appointment!

Clinton Crandall