How Nutrition Affects your Oral Health

We’ve all heard the old saying – “You are what you eat!”

You may be thinking that this is a little far-fetched, however, understand there is truth behind the statement. Our bodies are affected by every little thing we eat, drink, breathe, smell, absorb, and proper nutrition is the fail safe way to ensure our immune system takes care of our bodies for as long as possible.

Even more so, our teeth are directly affected by our nutritional habits (or lack thereof) and some common dental problems can be prevented and even corrected by knowing the proper foods to eat. Our mouth is the gateway to our bodies and being more conscious about what you put into your body will help you live a long and healthier life.

Oral Health and Poor Nutrition

The two most common oral health problems caused by poor eating habits are tooth decay (caries or cavities) and periodontal (gum) disease. We all know that cavities are caused from the decay that happens when the teeth are destroyed by the acidity in oral bacteria and certain foods promote this decay, such as:

  • Soda

  • Saltines

  • Lemons

  • Candy

  • Energy Drinks

  • Dried Fruits

Choosing healthier foods such as raw vegetables, nuts, cheese, or plain yogurt. These foods, unlike those listed above, do not stick to your teeth or damage the enamel, thus alleviating the risk of extra bacteria deposits. If you find you simply can’t avoid the bacteria causing foods, be sure to eat them with something else. For example, enjoy cheese with your crackers, but remember to eat in moderation. Your overall health and therefore your oral health, depends on proper nutrition.

Healthy Gums

Periodontal or gum disease has been shown to progress faster in patients whose lifestyle, diet and nutritional habits do not supply the proper nutrients needed. Gum disease is an inflammatory condition of the gums caused by plaque that forms on and in between teeth. Gum disease causes swelling, redness and bleeding of the gums and can be prevented by brushing, flossing and regular visits to Dr. Crandall.

Further, keeping up with your nutritional habits will assist your body in fighting off the pesky bacteria that causes the plaque to form. Further, some studies have show that patients who have contracted gum diseases are more susceptible to ailments such as heart disease or diabetes. So keep eating healthy foods for a double whammy action against plaque and bacteria. Monroe Dental Provider Dr. Crandall. He and his friendly staff are happy to help, and to ensure you get the best possible advice on how to keep your body and mouth healthy. Call 360-794-8292 today to schedule your personal appointment!